• Small Wood Burning Tent Stove

    Small Wood Burning Tent Stove

    The Small Wood Burning Tent Stove is a true blue Aussie invention for those with a passion for outdoor cooking and travel. A portable multipurpose cooking device and heater, portable cook camping stove also has all the ambience of an open fire. Plus its raised off-the-ground design means it can be used in many locations where an open fire is not permitted. (However, we always recommend you check local regulations.) Small Wood Burning Tent Stove Much more flexible than a BBQ, portable cook camping stove lets you enjoy baking, chargrilling, deep-frying, wok cooking, rotisserie roasting or just boiling the kettle for a cuppa. Plus the compact chimney directs smoke away from all the action. So you can fire up the fuel-efficient portable cook camping stove to feed a crowd or just sit back and enjoy the warmth. Important: The Small Wood Burning Tent Stove is designed for outdoor use only. Always ensure you use your portable cook camping stove in an open space with adequate ventilation.

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