• Rocket Stove Wood Burning Heater

    Rocket Stove Wood Burning Heater

    Brand new, self-feeding (gravity feed) rocket stove with the NEW, upgraded cooking grate. More about the new cooking grate design. The previous version was a simple "X" style grate that was a two-piece design. While it worked well and served its' purpose. The new cooking grate provides more surface area for smaller items like a coffee cup or even a can (or 3) of beans to rest on. The grate is cut on a CNC plasma table and is a one-piece design that measures 6" x 6". The pan shown in the photo (pan not included) is an 11" skillet resting on the cooking grate. Rocket Stove Wood Burning Heater A great stove for camping, hunting, off grid living, fishing, emergency and disaster preparedness. A handy item to have in the event of loss of electricity. Boil water and cook food for your family. Requires only small wood such as twigs, sticks, kindling, etc.

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