• Wood Rocket Cook Stove Pellet Burner

    Wood Rocket Cook Stove Pellet Burner

    The new second-generation Wood Rocket Cook Stove Pellet Burner, which combines the functions of frying pan, wok, simple oven and pan, is a new development product of 2018. The countertop itself is a frying pan. The frying pan is made of 6mm thick iron plate. The thick iron plate has excellent heat preservation and heat storage, and the effect of the non-stick pan can be achieved by simple maintenance. The countertop can be fried and cooked. The food can be directly placed on the pan and heated to cook. Pick up the 1.2-1.4 tableware wok, the space under the frying pan is a simple oven, as long as the ingredients to be cooked are wrapped in aluminum foil or placed in an aluminum foil box on both sides of the fire box to bake, baked sweet potatoes , grilled chicken wings, grilled loofah, grilled beer shrimp.

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