Wholesale Customized Portable Charcoal BBQ Camping Grill Wood Pizza Oven Factory

Wholesale Customized Portable Charcoal BBQ Camping Grill Wood Pizza Oven Factory

Camping Grill Wood Pizza Oven Factory

The advantages of a camping grill:

1, braised roast is its biggest advantage, equivalent to the outdoor oven, can bake a lot of patterns, large meat, steak, roast chicken, ribs and so on.

2, the oven is relatively large, the advantages of the ball furnace is fierce fire and very uniform, the number of users span, can be three or five friends, but also a few families together.

3, there is an independent charcoal basin, charcoal fire is not directly in contact with the furnace body, protect the furnace body, extend the service life. And pour charcoal, clean charcoal fire also more convenient.

4, the furnace body surface is enamel processing, its advantages are not easy to stick to the bottom, easy to clean. After each barbecue, wipe it with a damp cloth.

Add a few about clean to bake a net here, foreign and more professional method is to bake 10 minutes with charcoal afterheat empty after barbecue, the residue on letting bake a net is carbonized, wipe with clean cloth next go. The next time you have a barbecue, again, air it for a while and then rub it with the fat. For the people obviously feel very unsanitary, prefer to use cleaning agent cleaning, this is no problem, but if your baking net is enamel processing, do not use wire brush to clean, so as not to damage the coating spit.

Wholesale Portable Charcoal Grill

The charcoal grill is thick and durable, and will last as long as it is new on the outside, except for the inner charcoal grill. The roasting oven has a large chamber, and the hot air circulates evenly. Under such a hot environment, the food cooks quickly, is not easy to be burnt, and is more tasty. The portable charcoal grill consists of two separate Chambers, one for fewer people and two for more. Double chamber is more conducive to indirectly barbecue.

Customized Charcoal BBQ Grill

Charcoal BBQ Grill's function is not much, can only eat kebabs, suitable for three or five young people to go out for a walk on the weekend use,can fill the stomach, have barbecue atmosphere. Single for foodies, this function is too single.But charcoal bbq grill's baking net, charcoal net, heat preservation rack are enamel processing, relatively easy to clean and take care of; charcoal ash tray is removable, not only can facilitate the cleaning of charcoal ash, but also can be used to point charcoal fire.

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