What is Ecodesign Regulation 2022 for Wood Burning Stoves?

Ecodesign Regulation 2022 covers the new requirements for solid fuel burning appliances. It sets new limits for efficiency and emmissions like lower CO content, PM, OGC and NOx of wood burning stoves. Also it solves the limits for each member state. Until now Germany for example had a much lower limit for CO content in the flue gas 0.1%. Other member states had 0.3%. Most member states follow the limit set from the corresponding standards.

Ecodesign Regulation is not a standard like for example EN132140:2007. Its concerns the general rules and limits. So there is no such thing as testing according to Ecodesign Regulation 2022. When someone says Ecodesign testing it really means if the wood burning stoves cover the limits for efficiency and emissions set in the Ecodesign Regulation.

wood stove

Next thing. Do not be confused from Ecodesign 2022. Actually the limits come inforce for wood burning stoves much sooner. Basically from next heating season. The limit for CO content in the flue gas will be 0.12% or (1500mg/m3). Efficiency minimum 75%. PM 40mg/m3. OGC 100mg/m3. Those results are provided to you after testing in a Notified laboratory. The so called CE test.

In addition the existing Euro Norm for example EN:13240:2007 does not have emission testing for PM, OGC and NOx of wood burning stoves. Additional measurements are required there. The main thing is to concentrate on the main proble related to the CO limit.

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