Premier Wood Burning Camping Stoves Reviews


Regardless of whether you want a larger wood burning camp stove for family camping or a small camping wood stove for backpacking, there are plenty of options available. Here are reviews of 10 of the premier wood burning camp stoves available now.

1. Portable Camping Stove FC-5-1 (click for more details)

Wood Burning Camping Stoves

FC-5-1 is a very clever portable camping stove with an almost infinite number of uses in hunting and outdoor activities. The stove comes along with handle straps and shoulder straps complete with 2.4m flue and spark trap stored directly inside the stove .


The installation of the camping stove is made on just a minute, fold out the legs and pick out smoke pipes and reassemble any number needed and its it's ready. The very well thought-out design, together with generous interior dimensions make it an efficient source of heat for many different needs / uses.


Perfect for mounting in hunting hut , perched in hunting towers, heat source in tipitents , tents, camping , to take with on the fishing trip by snowmobile , assembly in break huts, fast heat source in emergency situations, in house by prolonged power outages.


Lower smoke pipe is equipped with adjustable pull throttle . The appliance has a removable hotplate . Right side of the stove is equipped with holders for poker. The West side has a folding carrying handle which makes it easy to carry the stove. Drawn adjusted both through the construction of the door and the chimney damper. The solution with only three legs make the stove stands steady on uneven surfaces outdoors.


Consistently high quality in both design and construction, while the weight is low.


Accessories: Stove carry bag,Heating fireproof mat,Stainless steel water boiler tank, Silicone flashing kit, Tipi kit, Gloves.

2. Glass Window on Door Portable Camping Wood Stoves FC-5-2 (click for more details)

Camping Stoves

Glass Window on Door Portable Camping Wood Stoves

Lightweight, portable log burner. (10kg)

Spark arrestor included.

Adjust flue damper can adjust air flow and heat.

Carry bag for transporting.

Collapsible legs ensure the stove can be packed in the carry bag.

Flue sections can be packed away and stored inside its belly.

Handle on its side to make transporting it even easier.

Open top plate for fater boiling and open fire


Silicone flashing kit, Tipi kit, Heat mat and Water boiler tank sold Separately.

3. Firebox Tent Stove FC-6-1 (click for more details)

Wood Burning Stoves

Easy to assemble

Flue sections can be packed away and stored inside its belly.

7 x 30 cm Stovepipe sections with flue protector (dia. 6 cm)

Cooking surface

Removable top plate for direct access to firebox

Legs fold to reduce pack size

Glass inspection window in door

Door air intake for combustion control

Low height for efficient space heating

Detachable multipurpose drying racks/shelfs

Air tight door for efficient fuel consumption

Stovepipe baffle controls combustion rate and intensity

4. BBQ Firebox Camping Stove FC-6-2 (click for more details)

Wood Burning Camping Stoves

Ideal portable camping stoves for peaple doing outdoor activities.

Cook during the summer season, and heating for winter season.

Foldable legs make it easier to carry and move.

Door air intake for combustion control and air tight for efficient fuel consumption.

Removable cooking surface.

Top plate for direct access to firebox.

BBQ grill option for barbecue enjoy.

Flue sections can be packed away and stored inside its belly.

5. Side Glasses Firebox Camping Stove FC-6-3 (click for more details)

Camping Stoves

Easy to assemble

Safe and stable

Door air intake for combustion control and air tight for efficient fuel consumption

Removable cooking surface and top  plate for direct access to firebox

Three-sided glasses inspection window for bonfire enjoy

Detachable multipurpose drying racks/shelfs

Side heat water tank

Legs fold to reduce pack size

Low height for efficient space heating

7 x 30 cm stainless steel stovepipe sections with flue protector (dia. 60 mm)

Stovepipe baffle controls combustion rate and intensity

6. Stainless Steel Multifuction Tent Stove FC-6-4S (click for more details)

Wood Burning Stoves

This is the first with multiple stainless steel application tent stove providing high fire power frying, low fire power simmering, baking, grilling, heating water and heating in one unit.

Whether for pizzas, bread, cakes or pies, nothing can match the inimitable smoky taste of traditional charcoal-fired ovens! In the comfort of your own garden, you will be able to bake authentic-tasting pizzas and don't be surprised if the scent brings you envious glances from your neighbors.


This stand alone oven is suitable for all types of charcoal. The fire tray is removable, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. The top compartment is used for baking and its base is made of two refractory bricks, which distribute the heat evenly within the oven and can withstand temperatures of up to 2372 °F. The bricks also ensure that your food will not be soiled by flying ash or dust from the fire. The two shelves provided underneath the oven are practical to store oven gloves or other supplies. This oven also comes with a built-in thermometer.

It performs the following functions:* Space Heating (Includes 6 Stainless Steel Chimney Sections)* Bakes (Viewing Glass and Temperature Gauge on Oven Door) * Boil, Fry, or Wok (High Firepower Cooktop Cutout)* Low Firepower Cooking (Reverse Rectangle Cut-out)* Outdoor Grilling, with Grill Rack* Provides Hot Water (2 Quart / 2 Liter Capacity Stainless Steel Water Tank)* Viewing Glass and Primary Ventilation Dampner Control on Firebox Door* Steady State Secondary Ventilation Insuring  Efficient  Clean Combustion* Sustainable Clean Burning Combustion & Utilizes Minimal Fuel* Portable Tent Stove Package Cooktop is 11 Heavy Gauge Steel to Insure Long Stove Life

7. Outdoor Cooking Stoves FC-7-2 (click for more details)

Wood Burning Camping Stoves

As well as looking great in your tent the firebox FC-7-2  has been created to be a light weight and compact companion on your travels. Its solid construction makes it very durable. The flue section comes with a built in spark arrestor to stop stray sparks landing on your canvas. Amazingly this compact stove offers over 4Kw of heat but weighs only 12kg, so you really can take anywhere you want. The long stainless steel flue helps carry the smoke away so you won’t breath it in.

The camping stove offers a large surface to cook on and the 100mm flue pipe. There is plenty of room for pans on top of the stove, you can even remove the hot plate cover so the open flames can lick the bottom of the pot, offering you more control over the heat when cooking. You can put cans or spice bottles on the side plates.

Finally, with the glass door, you can while away the hours watching the fire roar.

8. BBQ Cooking Outdoor Stoves FC-39 (click for more details)

Camping Stoves

Take it fishing, camping or use it in your own backyard or patio. The FC-39 is great when entertaining outdoors.Relax and enjoy the warmth of an open fire in safety while you boil the billy and cook up a feast. The simplicity and versatility of the FC-39 makes travelling, camping and cooking an enjoyable experience for everyone.

9. Wood Pellet Oven Stoves FC-45-2 (click for more details)

Wood Burning Stoves

-Dimensions 675W, 380D, and 620 mm


-Box dimensions 700x400x640 mm( Safety cage ships separately)

-Flue pipe size 100mm

-Material steel

-Can except hopper extension accessory for an additional 2 hours

-Easy start up, simply poor fire gel or charcoal lighter on pellets and light with match

-Heating stove pellets are available at all big box and local hardware stores

-Easy temperature control by dial damper at front of stove

-Shut off time:5 minutes to burn out remaining fuel once shutoff key is inserted. Additional 20 Minutes cool down after fire burns out.

-No Visible Smoke

-Distance to Combustibles: 36” all directions including above unit.

-Must Burn on a Non-Combustible surface. Heater Pads Available.

10. Rocket Stoves FC-52 (click for more details)

Wood Burning Camping Stoves

The Rocket Stove is a robust portable wood or wood pellet burning stove.

Constructed from 3mm gauge steel.

This stove has been designed with outdoor cooking in mind.

Rocket stoves are efficient cooking stoves that can burn either small twigs or kindling

Saves about 50% of materials normally burnt.

Versatile enough to transport anywhere you want weighing 16kg

Perfect for day trips to the countryside, camping or fishing trips, festivals or trips to the beach

Rocket Stove's are very easily set up and it's just like cooking on the stove at home.

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