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Buy Coleman BBQ Camping Grill Stoves Cook Set Installation

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The performance of camping grills is important, and the way they are designed is a key consideration. From a cooking, usability, portability, and versatility perspective, the best portable grill should suit your needs.

Consider the following:

Grate size and construction

The size of the cooking area on the camping grill is an important consideration. If you want to feed a team of 10 people, there is no point in choosing an ultra-small portable grill! Also, if you just want to cook a few burgers and some vegetables with it, you won't want anything big.

It is also worth seeing what the grate is made of. Does it have a non-stick coating? It has two sides for different purposes: a frying pan on one side and a flat iron on the other? Stainless steel grille is easy to clean and rustproof. Higher end portable grills with enamel and/or cast iron grilles are extremely durable and heat resistant.

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If your car or camper is running out of space, or you're planning a picnic for a picnic, beach barbecue, or boat, then portability is a major consideration. The best portable grills will be packed into a safe carry-on container with a good carry handle. The grill shall contain any legs or additional components. This makes it easy to fit into a car and even easier to carry over short distances.

With that in mind, you should also consider the weight of the portable camping grill. If you're looking for a tailgate grill or backyard grill, the low weight doesn't matter. Otherwise, the lighter the grill, the more you can carry it.

Easy construction

The best portable grill takes only a minute or two to set up. This is especially important if you only want to use the grill at night to wrap and move on. However, if you're setting up camp in a week, it doesn't matter that it takes 10 minutes to put the grill components together.

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Drip tray

The best portable gas grill has a drip tray to capture cooking fat. These are usually detachable, making post-cleaning easier and faster. From a portability standpoint, this makes the grill even more appealing.


The most portable camping grill has very limited "extra" space for food preparation. No side tables or shelves for food or utensils. Some of the larger tabletop gas grills tend to have side tables that fold or extend to make cooking easier.

Adjustable legs

Some of the best camping grills are those with adjustable heights. Some options have folding legs that stabilize the grill and lift it off the floor or table for easy use. Some camp-grill legs stretch to different heights.


The last thing to consider when choosing a camping grill is versatility. Some gas grills work well with POTS and pans, making them perfect for cooking common camping meals. If you want to try smoking and use a grill as an oven, this is also an option for some grills. The best portable charcoal grill can also be used as a fire pit for a bonfire after grilling.

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